Sword Art Online [New Information about the server]

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Sword Art Online [New Information about the server]

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:00 am

For all players that are willing to join,

All players are in review and being accepted. I am just currently looking for my data, once I have found it I will re-launch the server for all developers and creators, I am in need for a lot of help and your help!


The server will be on at these times:

The server is not 24/7 at the moment but the server is on everyday.


It will start everyday at 3:30 in the noon EST Australian time.

Once the server is officially launched the server will be 24/7


For Virtual Reality feeling I suggest putting your (FOV) to 'Quake Pro' or around there, that was the closest I could get to the Virtual Reality feeling without any mods. I have done some research but it was not successful.

Thank you for waiting patiently, the time will come soon!

- Nicholas3E Owner of the Server.


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